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Pediatric Dentistry - Burke, VaWith advanced pediatric dental training and equipment, Revive Dental Arts has been recognized as a leading pediatric dental provider in Burke and the surrounding communities.  While most dentists refer their pediatric cases, our dental team is equipped to treat your child's dental issues directly in our office.  By specializing in pedodontics, we can provide a true "family" practice where we address the dental needs of your entire family in our Burke office location. 

Your Child's First Visit

During your children’s first appointments, we’ll take time to make them feel right at home. We answer all of their questions, take them on a tour of the office, and make sure they get to meet all of our caring and knowledgeable team members. Then, we capture necessary digital x-rays and images, carefully examine their smiles, clean their teeth, and talk to them about creating an effective oral hygiene routine. We do our utmost to make sure your child develops positive associations with the dental office that will last a lifetime.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants allow us to quickly protect your child’s teeth from potentially damaging bacteria, plaque, and tartar. As the name suggests, sealants are applied directly to the surfaces of teeth where they create a clear layer of protective coating that seals out any potentially damaging products. We can apply sealants during a regular office visit, and the procedure is completely painless. We simply paint a coat of the sealant liquid onto the surfaces of teeth. Then, we use a curing light to harden them in place. Once in position, sealants can remain for years protecting teeth from damage.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If your child does experience tooth decay or damage, we will be happy to repair their smile using tooth-colored, composite resin fillings. These simple, same day treatments are quick and comfortable to apply, and they will in no way mar the appearance of your child’s smile. We simply prepare the damaged tooth removing any decayed or weakened areas, apply the putty-like resin to the surfaces of the damaged tooth, and mold it into position. Once the filling is in place, we use a curing light to harden it leaving your child’s smile flawless once more.

Special Needs Care

We consider it a privilege to take care of special needs patients of all ages...babies, toddlers, young children, teenagers, young adults, and older adults.  We have general dentists and specialists who have training and experience in meeting the special, unique needs of each patient. We welcome the opportunity to be of service in this important area.

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