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Tooth Extraction Burke, VATo most patients, a tooth extraction isn’t a procedure that seems exciting or fun. However, it can be a necessary step to maintain your oral health. Generally, a tooth extraction is a last resort. Our Burke tooth extraction dentist makes an effort to repair or restore your tooth before considering extraction, but sometimes the tooth can’t be saved. Some common questions patients have about tooth extractions include:

  • What are the reasons for a tooth extraction?
  • What happens during a tooth extraction?
  • What can I expect after a tooth extraction?

What Are The Reasons for a Tooth Extraction?

While there are many different reasons for having a tooth extraction, the most common causes are damaged teeth, gum disease, and wisdom tooth removal. 

Damaged Teeth

Teeth can be brokenchipped, or badly cracked as a result of any type of accident, ranging from tripping and falling to sports injuries. If the tooth is very badly damaged, removal is often the best course of action.

Gum Disease

If a patient is experiencing advanced gum disease, the surrounding teeth and bone may be affected. This can lead to severe tooth decay, which is best resolved with an extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common tooth extractions, as they can cause pain, infection, and misalignment of the jaws if not removed. These teeth are generally extracted in adolescents before the teeth are fully developed.

Other reasons for a tooth extraction include:

  • To make space for other teeth
  • To improve alignment of teeth
  • To remove extra teeth (such as wisdom teeth)

What Happens During A Burke Tooth Extraction?

Once you’ve been fully prepped and are ready for your tooth extraction, our team will numb your tooth, jaws, and gums that surround the affected area with a local anesthetic. You may feel pressure from rocking the tooth to widen the socket, but you shouldn’t feel pain due to the numbing. 

For more complex tooth extraction cases, our dental team may need to perform a surgical extraction — this process involves cutting the tooth into smaller sections in order to remove it. In some cases, the extraction procedure is lengthy or invasive enough to require sedation dentistry. 

Burke Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the most common types of tooth extractions is wisdom tooth removal. Typically, if wisdom teeth are going to cause issues, you’ll see symptoms sometime between the teen years and mid-20s. Common issues include pain, swelling, crowding (due to pressure from your wisdom teeth), and infections in your back teeth.

If your wisdom teeth are compromising the health of your smile, our team will recommend having them extracted. Early screenings and diagnostic scans will make it possible to prescribe proactive removal if you’re at a high-risk for future complications.

What Can I Expect After A Tooth Extraction?

After a tooth extraction, it’s normal to experience side effects, including light bleeding and mild swelling. In order to stop the bleeding and kickstart the healing process, we will provide you with enough gauze to bite down on for 30 to 45 minutes. You may have to replace your gauze a few times before the bleeding completely subsides, but it should stop within an hour of your extraction. Once a blood clot forms, it’s important not to dislodge it. You should avoid rinsing vigorously, using straws, smoking, or brushing the teeth around the extraction for at least 72 hours after your procedure. 

As for any mild pain and swelling you experience in the first few days, an ice pack and pain medication will help alleviate your symptoms. If intense pain and swelling persists, you should call our office for a follow-up appointment.

Generally, it takes about five to seven days for the gum area to heal, and about three to four weeks for the extraction area to completely heal. You can eat normally as soon as you feel up to it, but it may take time for you to be comfortable chewing near your extraction site. 

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